Thursday, September 26, 2013

Osiris And Sheen: Part One.

(fanfiction for Ephorox. Pairing is of my OC, Osiris, and one of his OC's, Sheen.)

A black Ferrari sleekly cut through to the parking lot of the Drunken Reaper. The motor of the luxury car stopping and the driver's suicidal door going upwards. Stepping out was Osiris, the club's owner and bartender. It was a Saturday night, the club not lined up outside. Not flooding with music and vibrant beats. The doors were open to none tonight.

So he thought. Osiris walked to the front of the building and pulled out the key to unlock the large doors. He saw the door was slightly ajar. Walking inside carefully, he smelled the air of the intruder's scent. It got stronger as he ventured towards the VIP room. The smell consisting of leather, sweat, and....watermelons?

Only one person he knew had the smell of watermelon cling to him. A red wereman. Osiris simply rolled his eyes opening the door to the room of luxury. Sure enough, finding who he was expecting.

The red wereman was watching the game on the plasma screen TV. He shouted at the one of the teams that had fumbled on the field. He was so into the match that he didn't hear the click of the door open. "Hello, Sheen." Osiris said, making him jump.

"I didn't do it! The building was already on fire! Yo- Oh, hey Ozzy!" Sheen said, calling the wolf by his nickname that he had not particularly cared for at first. Sheen was a.. Colorful character, I suppose you could say. He was once a normal wolf, until an infested human bit him. The infection caused unusual and shocking transformative effects. As for his personality, one would say he is insane.

They wouldn't be wrong. Osiris, however, came to have an appreciation for the man. He was currently wearing a pair of camouflage sweatpants and a bomber jacket, and his signature hat that he ALWAYS wore.

"Sheen, what did you do?" Osiris asked as he folded his arms. Sheen rubbed the back of his neck as replied simply saying, "Nothing much." Osiris didn't bother pressing the issue. Sheen was a very adventurous person. He's always telling tales of his grand journeys and experiences. Of course, he also has a bit of a free spirit in him. Like a smoldering flame that refuses to go out quietly.

He sees him from time to time, never bothering to make arrangements to meet anywhere or call to do so. Osiris said nothing as he sat down on the couch with his friend.

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