Monday, January 13, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Beautiful Pain.

Every now and then, ME will stop and notice the place around him. He thinks back to the first day when he and Tyon first saw that empty lot for sale. He looks at how far it has come from being a vacancy lot to a famous attraction site. 

Not that it was easy. Not that it still is. Headaches are no stranger and ME has made sure that he's got an extra stregnth Tylenol on hand when that happens. Thwnk god Duncan is there, if the toucan assistant wasnt around, the foundation would pretty much collapse. 

Of course, he definitely couldn't do it without Tyon. Thinking of the man drew Monkey's eyes towards a picture which stood on his desk, the photo framed in an ebony case. It was a photo of the two men standing in front of the grand opening of the JDP.

He remembers Tyon telling him how proud he was of his boyfriend for putting so much effort into something constructive. At first, ME didnt see the harm in running the place by himself. He remembers Niki, his closest friend and practically his sister telling him no one succeeds in something alone. 

Wasnt that the truth? ME suddenly felt a migraine coming on and reached in his drawer for the bottle of painkillers, only to find them empty. "Shit.." he groaned as he threw the empty container away. 

He smiled when he saw Tyon outside his office window. The tiger saw him looking at him and smiled. Maybe the pain is worth it after all.

"Im standing in the flames.
Its a beautiful kind of pain.
Setting fire to yesterday.
Find the light.
Find the light.
Find the light.

Chorus from Eminem's song Beautiful Pain featuring Sia.

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