Monday, December 2, 2013

A Shot At Love: Part Four.

The dragon closed the bedroom door behind them swiftly as they they made their way to the bed. Xianos was already under the covers in his boxers. "What? Not joining?" Xi asked his boyfriend. "Just hang on, I've got an idea." Deacon said, grabbing the lizard's interest. Xianos watched as Deacon slowly began to strip the tight v-neck shirt and it slumped to the floor, showing his perfectly sculpted chest and abs. He went to the buckle on his belt and undid that along with his pants. The jeans slid down his hips, the only thing left on was a pair of green briefs. "Keep going?" Deacon asked with a sexy smirk. Xianos reached underneath the sheets and dangled his boxers in hands returning the smirk. "Keep going." He answered the now grinning dragon. The underwear was flung off and Deacon lunged on the bed and gathered the other teen in his arms, kissing him heatedly.

Deacon found himself lying on his back with Xianos on top of him smiling. "You sure you want to do this?" Deacon asked, knowing it was the lizard's first time. "Yeah. Yeah I am." He answered planting a kiss. Deacon was already rock hard and throbbing and Xianos turned around to give the dragon's member some work, his vagina and ass in front of Deacon's face. 'Fuck! He's.. Well he IS a dragon.' Xianos thought jerking off the long hard cock before beginning to suck on the head. "Ohhmm..." Deacon moaned feeling his cock being sucked and instinctively put his face into the lizard's pussy, his tounge spiraling around and he could hear moans of approval from Xianos. Xi now had Deacon's entire dick down his throat and was filled with pure as the dragon continued to tounge his boyfriend. They both pulled off of each other and their lips met again.

"You ready, babe?" Deacon asked. "God yes." Xianos said, his warm breath breathing on the dragon's thick neck. Slowly, the dragon's length went inside his vagina and with each inch more pain. "I-I-I'm all I in.." Deacon breathed out gasping. Kissing Xianos to try and take his mind off of the pain, Deacon then began to fuck his boyfriend at a steady pace. Only moments later did the lizard's body become overtaken with pleasure. "GOD! XI YOU'RE SO TIGHT!" Deacon said holding down the other teen's hips. "HA HA HA GOD, THAT'S THE SPOT!" Xianos cried out deepening their kiss as the speed of their thrusting went at an incredible pace. Suddenly, both stopped and what felt like a nuclear bomb of passion and ecstasy filled them both, hitting their climaxes wetting the entire bed.

Xianos was barely able to keep his eyes open but felt the dragon go limp and slip out of him. He blacked out feeling Deacon's strong arms bring him closer to him as he brought the bed sheets over them.

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