Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Shot At Love: Part Five.

Tyr took her time to slowly dress herself on the Saturday morning. The demon had just finished her shower and her body was covered in the scent of Nightshade and Pomegranate shampoo and bodywash. Her long silver hair, already tied into a spiked bun. A pair of black iceberg jeans with a white long sleeved shirt with black thorns decorating it snugly fit her body.

With one look, she gave herself a vote of approval before leaving her room. Halfway down the hall, her nostrils were filled with the smell of sweat and sex. "Men and hormones." The girl sighed as she moaned to herself opening the guest room doors. The sight of Deacon cradling Xianos on the bed asleep made her smile. Then the stench of their love making hit full force. Walking out the room she came back in a few seconds later with a bucket of cold water. Dumping it on the two teens, they awoke jumping as they felt shocks course through their bodies from the icy water hit their bodies.

"TYR! WHAT GIVES?!" Xianos shouted. He saw a clothespin on her nose and instantly knew why. "Ghhhh...Oh god..." The lizard moaned smelling the air. "I'll clean the roo-" Deacon couldnt finish when his mouth shut from the look on the girl's face as she said, "BOTH of you are cleaning this room. If you think of even leaving before this room is cleaned, washed, and tended to, then that is some unhealthy thinking." Tyr walked out of the room. "Ah. Its okay, she chewed out Osiris and Artizek when they did this once." Xianos said getting out of the bed.

An arm suddenly pulled back Xi saying "It can wait." Deacon smiled but saw the look of fear on his boyfriend's face. "No, it can't. We probably have twenty minutes by the most, twenty five if we're lucky." Deacon sighed as he saw the custodial supplies by the door.

Tyr walked into the living room where she saw the second couple already awake and dressed. This became a ritual for them when they stayed at the Vas' Abaddon residence. "Morning Tyr." Jaroq said trying to be on the girl's good side. The tiger clearly remembers the first time he got on her bad side. A broken arm and two ribs, his jaw heavily bruised and a black eye. It looked like he got in a fight with a mob. Even if he did, he would have come out on top with out any serious injury. But the little lady was someone who you did not want to upset.

"Jay. Osiris." She said as she walked into the kitchen for a morning cup of coffee. Twenty minutes went by and saw the other couple come into the room quietly. "Boys." Tyr said, startling the lizard and dragon. "Yes?" They asked in unision. "Room cleaned?" The boys nodded at the question. "Washed?" Another nod. "Are you sure?" She asked and recieved a third nod. They took the sight of the demon nod and sip her coffee as a sign of confirmation.

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