Sunday, September 22, 2013

Xianos And The Panther.

(Fanfiction is for Xianos. Between my OC Wren and his OC Xianos.)

Xianos stopped the treadmill he was running on, the sound of the belts slowly coming to a halt, as he stepped off to grab his water bottle. The lizard decided to head back to the steamroom after he put his things in his locker. 

Grabbing a towel after he stripped down, he opened the door which read STEAMROOM and saw he wasn't the only one. He saw a large, black panther who was lost in his thoughts not noticing Xianos walk in the foggy room.

'Man.... I wonder how big he is.' He thought to himself. Sitting down next to him, Xianos suddenly made his presence aware. "Sorry, I interrupt anything?" Xianos said smiling. "Oh, no. You didn't. I was just thinking to myself." The man responded. 'He's even larger up close..' 

"I'm Wren. I didn't catch your name..." 

"Xianos. Nice to meet you." He said, noticing his violet eyes. 
Wren undid his towel, sighing in content. He didn't have anything to feel uncomfortable about. 

Neither did the other man. 'HOLY shit..' Xianos thought to himself seeing Wren's large flaccid cock. Wren noticed him looking at it and smiled. "Something catch your interest?" He asked. "I've been watching you work out. Quite frankly, I don't have any intention of allowing either of us leaving for a while." He said breathing down the lizard's neck. 

Wren suddenly stood up as he saw Xianos take off his towel. Xianos grinned as he took the larger man's cock in his hands and began rubbing it. He started licking the length of the panther, seeing it eventually becoming rock hard. Xianos suddenly felt the massive length being crammed down his throat, Wren tilting his head back as Xianos slurped and sucked on his cock. Xianos continued sucking him off for about twenty minutes until he felt cum blast down his throat. 

Xianos swallowed what he could. "You deserve a reward for that." Wren said picking him up and walking out of the steamroom and into the showers. Xianos felt the cool tile against his back and warm water cascading down his body, Wren smiled before kneeling downwards, lapping his tounge around Xianos' pussy. He shuddered a moan as he felt the muscle panther's tounge lick the clit. "Oh mAAAANN!" he balled his fists as he felt the man's tounge go inside his pussy, going crazy as precum dripped out. 

He felt his knees being lifted up as wren pressed his cock against Xianos' entrance. He felt the throbbing cock push into him deeply and hard as Wren started thrusting into him. Wren suddenly pushed in balls deep climaxing inside of the lizard, who was screaming in pleasure burrowing his face into Wren's pecs. Wren emptied his balls for what seemed to be twenty minutes, Xianos felt cum pour through him like a tsunami. " OH SHIT! IM CUMMING!" Xianos yelled, busting like a broken flood gate. 

He turned the water off and picked up Xianos again with his cock still inside him and laid him on the bench. Crouching on top of him, he went mad as he continued fucking Xianos' cunt. Xianos' eyes rolled back moaning louder and louder, feeling the previous nut mix with the one he felt coming. "FUCK!!!!!" Wren roared shoving his dick all the way down into Xianos' cunt. He came with a load bigger than before. Xianos' stomach started to swell from all the cum being pumped into him. Wren leveled down to kiss Xianos as he took his large cock out. Xianos screamed in ecstasy into the kiss as the cum exploded from his pussy like an atomic bomb. 

Xianos couldn't feel his legs, or any part of his body. Seeing Wren get up he groaned. 'Great. Another fuck and run.' He thought. He saw Wren come back picking him up again after turning on the warm water. 'Or not.' He thought to himself. The two showered together, Xianos felt the man's massive arms clean his body as he massaged the panther's muscles. Fourty minutes after washing away the sweat and cum, the got dressed. Xianos was already in the parking lot when he noticed something in his pocket. "What the-" he stopped short as he pulled out a slip of paper that had Wren's name on it, along with his phone number. At the bottom was "Call me." 

He smiled as he put the paper back in his pocket.

The End.

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