Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Berzerk.

The night had come and the gates of the Jungle Dream Park had closed. However, members of the JDP stayed behind for a celebration. Today marked the first anniversary of the day that the park was founded.

The celebration spread to every side of the park grounds. Balloons, streamers, everything essential for a party was present. ME was standing in front of the large "JUNGLE DREAM PARK" with a smile on his face. His thoughts were interrupted when someone walked up behind him. "Congratulations, ME. Youve come a long way." Monkey turned around to see Osiris standing behind him.

"Osiris! Glad you could come! And thank you, its been difficult but I guess it was only natural." The founder said. "We both know that it isnt easy to run a successful business and maintain it. But at least we have help. The Drunken Reaper wouldnt be standing if Camille and I hadnt met." Osiris stated. Then the monkey suddenly remembered the woman, "Speaking of which, where is she? Didnt she get the invite?"

"Yes. Hello. Congrats." A deep woman's voice suddenly spoke. Walking up was the lady herself, and beautiful as always. The chameleon woman had her crimson red hair in a spiked bun. She was wearing a thin black dress with six inch Versachi heels. Her signature black shades covering her eyes. She looked like she stepped out of a Elle Magazine cover. "Camille, great to see you. You look fantastic as always. Please go on ins-"


ME was suddently interrupted when Sheen called out to Osiris and quickly walked over to him. Sheen and Osiris have been together for around eight months. ME had to say, they made a good couple. He was amazed how the reaper was able to endure a relationship with the lunatic wereman. The two wolves kissed and suddenly the hat wearing wereman noticed the lady of the four. "Heya Cam!" He greeted. "Hello, Sheen." She said in reply. It was a special night, so Camille would let the nicknames slide. Just tonight.

As they made their way into the park, they began to enjoy themselves. Osiris, already mixing drinks with Sheen telling tales of his past journeys and conquests to the excited listeners. Tyon walked through the crowd to find ME and sure enough he found him. He snuck up behind him and the monkey jumped a little when he felt the sudden feeling of two large arms wrap around his waist.

"Hey, I found you." Tyon said with a kiss to the cheek. "Yeah, you found me." ME answered back smiling, drinking the glass of Ciroq in his hand. The two sat on the benches and decided to people watch. King Nick had been cooking up some rather delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for the party. The dragon-shark was also accompanied with his boyfriend too. He was dating a cop and bodybuilder named Kain Stormile. Theyve been together for about five months now. Now Kain was a hard one to read, but was a decent person who loved Nick. Then he lookes over to the tables and saw Camille talking to Tyra and Kim. They must have been talking about something only women would take more seriously than men probably would.

Then they saw Bobby walk over to the three ladies with a strut, and a smirk on his face. The bat was the first to see him out of the corner of her eye. "Great, here comes Bobby." Kim groaned as she rolled her eyes. Everyone knew the bear was an arrogant and cocky man, probably how he got those scars. "Bobby?" Camille asked. Kim nodded, " Yeah, I guess you can say he and Tyra are an... accessory?" She asked, looking at her friend. "Please, its just a fling. If I were looking for a relationship, id have better standards than to date Bobby." The tigress said making the two women laugh. Then the man had made his way to the table. Marcus wold have normally stepped in to give the scarred bear fair warning, but he decided to sit this one out. Plus, he's heard of the chameleon in reports. "Hey, havent seen you before. Can I buy you a drink?" Bobby said, using the old line. "No. They're free." Camille replied. A chuckle was heard from the crowd but Bobby didnt seem to care. "You are one gorgeous peice of work. What was your name again, Camille?" The bear asked as he took a seat. "We did not invite your drunk ass to sit down." Tyra stated. "This is why you can't be nice to men." Kim added. Bobby looked at the tigress with an eyebrow raised.

"Woah, baby. What's with the attitude?" Bobby suddenly saw the woman get up, " Im not your 'baby' you gangster wannabe." Tyra corrected. Kim suddenly wore a disgusted look. "Ugh, do you bathe in vodka or something." The bat said as she held her nose. Bobby was indeed drunk and the last thing anyone wanted was a drunk being pushed to the edge. It was too late for that though it seems.

"What did you just say, bat-bitch!?" Bobby asked in anger. Then Camille got up and stood in front of the man. "Leave. Now." She said. Marcus looked over to Osiris who gave the shark a look that told him to 'let her handle it.' And so he did. "Or what? Gonna hit me? Take off one of your shoes to use it?" Bobby asked.

"Fine then." Camille said, throwing a punch in the bear's ribs before delivering a high jump kick to the face. Bobby roared and before he could put up his dukes, the woman delivered a roundhouse kick straight to the jaw, which sent Bobby flying towards the snow cone vendor, which Sheen was currently eating a watermelon flavored snow cone. The crash caused the wereman's treat to fall out of hands and fall to the ground with a splat. Something inside him exploded as he went on a rampage. Eventualy, the numbers of participants grew but Marcus put a stop to it before it could escalate to the point of breaking a law. "Freakin'... psycho.. woman..." the scarred bear muttered before passing out. The celebration then came to an end with an agreement: No alcohol next time.

"Kick your shoes off.
Let your hair down.
(Go berserk)
All night long.
Grow your beard out.
Just weird out.
(Go berserk)
All night long.
We're gonna rock this house. 
Till' we knock it down. 
So turn the volume loud.
'Cause it's mayhem til' the A.M.
So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go.
Let yourself go.
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket.
Life's too short to not go for broke.
So everybody, everybody. 
(Go berserk)
Shake your body.

Chorus from Berzerk by Eminem.

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