Monday, January 13, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Beautiful Pain.

Every now and then, ME will stop and notice the place around him. He thinks back to the first day when he and Tyon first saw that empty lot for sale. He looks at how far it has come from being a vacancy lot to a famous attraction site. 

Not that it was easy. Not that it still is. Headaches are no stranger and ME has made sure that he's got an extra stregnth Tylenol on hand when that happens. Thwnk god Duncan is there, if the toucan assistant wasnt around, the foundation would pretty much collapse. 

Of course, he definitely couldn't do it without Tyon. Thinking of the man drew Monkey's eyes towards a picture which stood on his desk, the photo framed in an ebony case. It was a photo of the two men standing in front of the grand opening of the JDP.

He remembers Tyon telling him how proud he was of his boyfriend for putting so much effort into something constructive. At first, ME didnt see the harm in running the place by himself. He remembers Niki, his closest friend and practically his sister telling him no one succeeds in something alone. 

Wasnt that the truth? ME suddenly felt a migraine coming on and reached in his drawer for the bottle of painkillers, only to find them empty. "Shit.." he groaned as he threw the empty container away. 

He smiled when he saw Tyon outside his office window. The tiger saw him looking at him and smiled. Maybe the pain is worth it after all.

"Im standing in the flames.
Its a beautiful kind of pain.
Setting fire to yesterday.
Find the light.
Find the light.
Find the light.

Chorus from Eminem's song Beautiful Pain featuring Sia.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Berzerk.

The night had come and the gates of the Jungle Dream Park had closed. However, members of the JDP stayed behind for a celebration. Today marked the first anniversary of the day that the park was founded.

The celebration spread to every side of the park grounds. Balloons, streamers, everything essential for a party was present. ME was standing in front of the large "JUNGLE DREAM PARK" with a smile on his face. His thoughts were interrupted when someone walked up behind him. "Congratulations, ME. Youve come a long way." Monkey turned around to see Osiris standing behind him.

"Osiris! Glad you could come! And thank you, its been difficult but I guess it was only natural." The founder said. "We both know that it isnt easy to run a successful business and maintain it. But at least we have help. The Drunken Reaper wouldnt be standing if Camille and I hadnt met." Osiris stated. Then the monkey suddenly remembered the woman, "Speaking of which, where is she? Didnt she get the invite?"

"Yes. Hello. Congrats." A deep woman's voice suddenly spoke. Walking up was the lady herself, and beautiful as always. The chameleon woman had her crimson red hair in a spiked bun. She was wearing a thin black dress with six inch Versachi heels. Her signature black shades covering her eyes. She looked like she stepped out of a Elle Magazine cover. "Camille, great to see you. You look fantastic as always. Please go on ins-"


ME was suddently interrupted when Sheen called out to Osiris and quickly walked over to him. Sheen and Osiris have been together for around eight months. ME had to say, they made a good couple. He was amazed how the reaper was able to endure a relationship with the lunatic wereman. The two wolves kissed and suddenly the hat wearing wereman noticed the lady of the four. "Heya Cam!" He greeted. "Hello, Sheen." She said in reply. It was a special night, so Camille would let the nicknames slide. Just tonight.

As they made their way into the park, they began to enjoy themselves. Osiris, already mixing drinks with Sheen telling tales of his past journeys and conquests to the excited listeners. Tyon walked through the crowd to find ME and sure enough he found him. He snuck up behind him and the monkey jumped a little when he felt the sudden feeling of two large arms wrap around his waist.

"Hey, I found you." Tyon said with a kiss to the cheek. "Yeah, you found me." ME answered back smiling, drinking the glass of Ciroq in his hand. The two sat on the benches and decided to people watch. King Nick had been cooking up some rather delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for the party. The dragon-shark was also accompanied with his boyfriend too. He was dating a cop and bodybuilder named Kain Stormile. Theyve been together for about five months now. Now Kain was a hard one to read, but was a decent person who loved Nick. Then he lookes over to the tables and saw Camille talking to Tyra and Kim. They must have been talking about something only women would take more seriously than men probably would.

Then they saw Bobby walk over to the three ladies with a strut, and a smirk on his face. The bat was the first to see him out of the corner of her eye. "Great, here comes Bobby." Kim groaned as she rolled her eyes. Everyone knew the bear was an arrogant and cocky man, probably how he got those scars. "Bobby?" Camille asked. Kim nodded, " Yeah, I guess you can say he and Tyra are an... accessory?" She asked, looking at her friend. "Please, its just a fling. If I were looking for a relationship, id have better standards than to date Bobby." The tigress said making the two women laugh. Then the man had made his way to the table. Marcus wold have normally stepped in to give the scarred bear fair warning, but he decided to sit this one out. Plus, he's heard of the chameleon in reports. "Hey, havent seen you before. Can I buy you a drink?" Bobby said, using the old line. "No. They're free." Camille replied. A chuckle was heard from the crowd but Bobby didnt seem to care. "You are one gorgeous peice of work. What was your name again, Camille?" The bear asked as he took a seat. "We did not invite your drunk ass to sit down." Tyra stated. "This is why you can't be nice to men." Kim added. Bobby looked at the tigress with an eyebrow raised.

"Woah, baby. What's with the attitude?" Bobby suddenly saw the woman get up, " Im not your 'baby' you gangster wannabe." Tyra corrected. Kim suddenly wore a disgusted look. "Ugh, do you bathe in vodka or something." The bat said as she held her nose. Bobby was indeed drunk and the last thing anyone wanted was a drunk being pushed to the edge. It was too late for that though it seems.

"What did you just say, bat-bitch!?" Bobby asked in anger. Then Camille got up and stood in front of the man. "Leave. Now." She said. Marcus looked over to Osiris who gave the shark a look that told him to 'let her handle it.' And so he did. "Or what? Gonna hit me? Take off one of your shoes to use it?" Bobby asked.

"Fine then." Camille said, throwing a punch in the bear's ribs before delivering a high jump kick to the face. Bobby roared and before he could put up his dukes, the woman delivered a roundhouse kick straight to the jaw, which sent Bobby flying towards the snow cone vendor, which Sheen was currently eating a watermelon flavored snow cone. The crash caused the wereman's treat to fall out of hands and fall to the ground with a splat. Something inside him exploded as he went on a rampage. Eventualy, the numbers of participants grew but Marcus put a stop to it before it could escalate to the point of breaking a law. "Freakin'... psycho.. woman..." the scarred bear muttered before passing out. The celebration then came to an end with an agreement: No alcohol next time.

"Kick your shoes off.
Let your hair down.
(Go berserk)
All night long.
Grow your beard out.
Just weird out.
(Go berserk)
All night long.
We're gonna rock this house. 
Till' we knock it down. 
So turn the volume loud.
'Cause it's mayhem til' the A.M.
So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go.
Let yourself go.
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket.
Life's too short to not go for broke.
So everybody, everybody. 
(Go berserk)
Shake your body.

Chorus from Berzerk by Eminem.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Baby

Tyon was at his wits end. Lately, he has been avoided by ME at every turn. When he did find him, it only became small talk. The monkey would come home late, barely saying two words when entering the door and crashing on the bed. It came to the point where the tiger began to wonder if his boyfriend was cheating on him.

The thought irked him. Once again, ME had to stay late not sparing a moment to speak with the other man. Yes, Tyon was indeed at his wits end. He opened the door to the house, slamming it loudly behind him. He stopped when he noticed the red light on the phone home was red, obviously there was a voicemail.

"Youve reached ME and Tyon. We're sorry were not available to answer your call, but leave a message and we'll get back to you." The machine played with it saying, "Would you like to check your messages? Please press the-" Tyon already pressed the pound key to comply. His eyes widened when he heard the machine say, "You have 32 new messages:"

"Monkey, its Duncan. Listen I have some important things that need your attention ASAP. Call me as soon as you get this message, its real real important."

"Mr. Emperor, this is Liam calling from Breden Law Firm and Attorney of Law. We need you to revise your documents on the new park installments. It cant be done with out your presence and cooperation."

"Monkey, this is the fourth time youve delayed the press conference meeting and we cant afford to push back the date any more. Call back immediately."

"Mr. Emperor, we are calling to inform you of the budget cut for you and members of the Jungle Dream Park. Please return our call as soon as you can."

"Monkey, its Duncan. We need to go over the establishment of the park member rules. Given the tension between Bobby and Mino, I advise we do it sooner rather than later."

Tyon wrote down the rest of the messages and read them over. Then it hit him. "No wonder.. Fuck, this could kill him!" Tyon said. He knew ME had a responsibility with running JDP, but the man needs a vacation.

Tyon took a minute before dialing Monkey's cell phone number and was suprised to hear it be answered. "Hello?" The voice asked. Tyon heard exhaustion and tiredness in his voice. "Hey, babe. I need you to come home. Its important." The tiger said before a yawn was heard. "I can't I have a mee-"

"Don't put me in a corner, ME. Come home. Please?" Tyon asked sincerely, thinking that if the man pushed himself any further it would take a toll on him. "Yeah. Okay. Bye." ME said weakily slowly hanging up.

Twenty minutes later, Monkey walked into the front door and was instantly greeted by his boyfriend with a kiss. Tyon took a closer look at his face and was appalled.  He couldn't believe he hadnt already noticed this. ME had dark bags under his eyes and they were barely able to stay open. "Come on. Time for bed. No, time for a vacation. You need it." Tyon stated as he gently squeezed the other man's hand.

The two made their way to the bedroom and ME had already fallen fast asleep. Tyon heard Monkey's cell phone ring, and the tiger answered it for him. "Hello?" He asked to the other line. "Oh, hey Tyon. Its Duncan, can I speak-"

"No. He wont be recieving any calls for a while. Hes on vacation, and be sure to tell everyone else that. Goodbye." Tyon then turned off the cell phone after hanging up and crawled into bed with his sleeping boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around him and soon drifted to sleep.

"Nobody puts baby in a corner.
Im only trying to warn you.
Because that baby gets mad and gets to throwing a tantrum.
It'll fucking flip on you."

Chorus of Baby by Eminem.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Bad Guy.

(Songfic series for Ephorox based on songtitles of Eminem's album MMLP2. Pairing is of his two OCs, Monkey Emperor a.k.a. ME and Tyon.)

ME and Tyon were asleep on their bed, resting from their session. ME woke up to the feeling of his hair being stroked. The monkey turned over to see the other man rubbing his arm with a guilty look. "Im sorry, Monkey." ME heard Tyon apologize. Suprising him since he was the one who was to blame.

-Earlier that day-

The emperor had locked himself away in his office at the JDP. He sat at his desk and his fingers blazed the keyboard as he visited numerous online stores. Sweat ran down his face as he failed in his attempt to find any store that met his standards.

He had woken up and left the house early to begin, trying his absolute best to avoid Tyon. He promised the tiger a monkey doll. A monkey doll of all things. His intercom buzzed and he jumped in his seat hearing the speaker. "Monkey. Ive got the requisitions list, scanning it in." Duncan's voice spoke through the small box. Duncan, the parks new intern assigned as ME's secretary. A toucan with a colorful personality. "Uh, yes.yes. Thank you Duncan. Ill uh.. Yeah. Thanks." ME answered as he saw the list print out of the laser printer.

ME groaned seeing it. He didnt need something distracting him from what he had dedicated to spending his entire day to doing. His hopes sunk deeper as he read down the file:











ME raised an eyebrow at the last one. Which brought him back to what he needed to do. A few minutes later, he let out an "Aha!" $12.99 Lifesize monkey plush doll was practically singing out for him. As the order was sent he let out a sigh of relief. He was about to turn the list when the speaker buzzed again. "Uh.. Mr. Monkey? Tyon is here." ME was screaming inside as the door loudly opened. Tyon looked at his boyfriend with a look of anger and impatience.


"Why are you sorry?" ME asked confused. Luckily, the order was a one-day delivery and that was some relief. "You have an entire park to run and so many orders to fill out along with other stuff, and I kept going on and on about that monkey doll. That was the last thing you needed." ME was still suprised at what his ears were hearing. He remembered being dragged home,  almost literally, by Tyon and instantly the clothes came off. "Youre exhausted. Its late, lets hit the sack hm?" ME smiled ang gave a kiss goodnight as he curled up with Tyon.

Tyon woke up first the next morning to see a still sleeping monkey next to him. Out the bedroom window, he saw a UPS truck leave their driveway. Tyon made his way to the front door and opened it. Before him stood a rather large box and instinctively brought it inside. Flicking a claw on his index finger, he quickly cut open the taped box and undid the flaps. From underneath the Styrofoam pellets, his eyes widened and grinned as he held in his hands a large monkey plush doll. Then he remembered the events from yesterday. "He still got one, even with so much to do...." Tyon suddenly came to a realization.

Why have a plush monkey when you have the real thing? Plush still in hand, he walked back up to the bedroom. He saw ME awake and sitting on the bed smiling. "Biggest one I could find." He said, pleased with how the tiger was holding the thing. "You really shouldn't have. I mean it. Considering yesterday." Tyon was hushed with a kiss and heard ME say, "I just don't like being the bad guy."

"I flee the scene, like it was my last ride.
You see right through, or you had me pegged the first time. 
Can't see the truth, but it's easier to justify what's bad is good.
And I just hate to be the bad guy."

(Chorus from "Bad Guy")

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Shot At Love: Part Five.

Tyr took her time to slowly dress herself on the Saturday morning. The demon had just finished her shower and her body was covered in the scent of Nightshade and Pomegranate shampoo and bodywash. Her long silver hair, already tied into a spiked bun. A pair of black iceberg jeans with a white long sleeved shirt with black thorns decorating it snugly fit her body.

With one look, she gave herself a vote of approval before leaving her room. Halfway down the hall, her nostrils were filled with the smell of sweat and sex. "Men and hormones." The girl sighed as she moaned to herself opening the guest room doors. The sight of Deacon cradling Xianos on the bed asleep made her smile. Then the stench of their love making hit full force. Walking out the room she came back in a few seconds later with a bucket of cold water. Dumping it on the two teens, they awoke jumping as they felt shocks course through their bodies from the icy water hit their bodies.

"TYR! WHAT GIVES?!" Xianos shouted. He saw a clothespin on her nose and instantly knew why. "Ghhhh...Oh god..." The lizard moaned smelling the air. "I'll clean the roo-" Deacon couldnt finish when his mouth shut from the look on the girl's face as she said, "BOTH of you are cleaning this room. If you think of even leaving before this room is cleaned, washed, and tended to, then that is some unhealthy thinking." Tyr walked out of the room. "Ah. Its okay, she chewed out Osiris and Artizek when they did this once." Xianos said getting out of the bed.

An arm suddenly pulled back Xi saying "It can wait." Deacon smiled but saw the look of fear on his boyfriend's face. "No, it can't. We probably have twenty minutes by the most, twenty five if we're lucky." Deacon sighed as he saw the custodial supplies by the door.

Tyr walked into the living room where she saw the second couple already awake and dressed. This became a ritual for them when they stayed at the Vas' Abaddon residence. "Morning Tyr." Jaroq said trying to be on the girl's good side. The tiger clearly remembers the first time he got on her bad side. A broken arm and two ribs, his jaw heavily bruised and a black eye. It looked like he got in a fight with a mob. Even if he did, he would have come out on top with out any serious injury. But the little lady was someone who you did not want to upset.

"Jay. Osiris." She said as she walked into the kitchen for a morning cup of coffee. Twenty minutes went by and saw the other couple come into the room quietly. "Boys." Tyr said, startling the lizard and dragon. "Yes?" They asked in unision. "Room cleaned?" The boys nodded at the question. "Washed?" Another nod. "Are you sure?" She asked and recieved a third nod. They took the sight of the demon nod and sip her coffee as a sign of confirmation.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Shot At Love: Part Four.

The dragon closed the bedroom door behind them swiftly as they they made their way to the bed. Xianos was already under the covers in his boxers. "What? Not joining?" Xi asked his boyfriend. "Just hang on, I've got an idea." Deacon said, grabbing the lizard's interest. Xianos watched as Deacon slowly began to strip the tight v-neck shirt and it slumped to the floor, showing his perfectly sculpted chest and abs. He went to the buckle on his belt and undid that along with his pants. The jeans slid down his hips, the only thing left on was a pair of green briefs. "Keep going?" Deacon asked with a sexy smirk. Xianos reached underneath the sheets and dangled his boxers in hands returning the smirk. "Keep going." He answered the now grinning dragon. The underwear was flung off and Deacon lunged on the bed and gathered the other teen in his arms, kissing him heatedly.

Deacon found himself lying on his back with Xianos on top of him smiling. "You sure you want to do this?" Deacon asked, knowing it was the lizard's first time. "Yeah. Yeah I am." He answered planting a kiss. Deacon was already rock hard and throbbing and Xianos turned around to give the dragon's member some work, his vagina and ass in front of Deacon's face. 'Fuck! He's.. Well he IS a dragon.' Xianos thought jerking off the long hard cock before beginning to suck on the head. "Ohhmm..." Deacon moaned feeling his cock being sucked and instinctively put his face into the lizard's pussy, his tounge spiraling around and he could hear moans of approval from Xianos. Xi now had Deacon's entire dick down his throat and was filled with pure as the dragon continued to tounge his boyfriend. They both pulled off of each other and their lips met again.

"You ready, babe?" Deacon asked. "God yes." Xianos said, his warm breath breathing on the dragon's thick neck. Slowly, the dragon's length went inside his vagina and with each inch more pain. "I-I-I'm all I in.." Deacon breathed out gasping. Kissing Xianos to try and take his mind off of the pain, Deacon then began to fuck his boyfriend at a steady pace. Only moments later did the lizard's body become overtaken with pleasure. "GOD! XI YOU'RE SO TIGHT!" Deacon said holding down the other teen's hips. "HA HA HA GOD, THAT'S THE SPOT!" Xianos cried out deepening their kiss as the speed of their thrusting went at an incredible pace. Suddenly, both stopped and what felt like a nuclear bomb of passion and ecstasy filled them both, hitting their climaxes wetting the entire bed.

Xianos was barely able to keep his eyes open but felt the dragon go limp and slip out of him. He blacked out feeling Deacon's strong arms bring him closer to him as he brought the bed sheets over them.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Shot At Love: Part Three.

Xianos rang the doorbell of the Vas' Abaddon residence and the door was opened by Tyr, her small smile shown on her face. "Hey, get in." She said. Xianos did and heard the loud commotion of everyone talking. Walking into the living room, he saw Osiris and Jaroq on the couch. There was Deacon, apparently already invited since he's a friend of Jaroq and Osiris. There was also Tyr's best friend, Lesser. Xi didn't know much about the long haired teen, but he knew enough to know that he was a good guy. He had long raven hair and he was an amazing artist. He and Tyr are more of a brother and sister than her and Osiris.

"Hello, Xianos!" Lesser said happily. "Hey, Lesser. How's it going?" The lizard responded back. "Nothing much, just enjoying company with my friends. What's this about you and a certain dragon?" Lesser said teasingly. The others weren't listening due to video games and music with their talking, Deacon included. "Yup. We're dating." Xi answered, seeing the raven haired teen's face light up. "Wonderful! You will let me do a portrait of you two nude won't you?" He asked making Xianos take a deeper interest in their conversation. "Maybe. Oh, I have to talk to Tyr about something real quick." He said. Lesser nodded and sat back on the couch. He grabbed her arm and actually managed to drag her into the kitchen, unknowing to them that Deacon was watching.

"Tyr!" Xianos shouted after he closed the kitchen door. "Stop yelling. I'm right here." She said flatly. "What?" She asked. "Why did you tell him that? Why oh why did you tell Deacon that not only that I like him but that I have a fucking cunt!" He clarified. Tyr suddenly slapped Xi when she heard the word come from his mouth. Xi, or rather anyone and everyone who said that word in reference to her friend would get slapped. "I mean.. Vagina." He corrected himself.

"Because, Xi he likes you. A lot." Tyr stated simply walking to the freezer to get a bag of ice for the swelling bruise on Xi's face. "And if he truly does care about you, it wouldn't matter to him whether you have a penis or a vagina. Plus, he already knew about it." Tyr explained. "What?" Xi said in shock. "Yes. He saw you in the showers after practice one day when he went to get his football gear for after school practice a few months ago. It didn't bother him." Xianos blushed at the thought of Deacon walking in and seeing him naked without him knowing. "Thanks.. I do appreciate it. Sorry I said the taboo." Xianos said with an apologetic smile. "It's alright." She said as the walked back into the living room.

Tyr sat down next to Lesser who was reading the latest book of his favorite series. Xianos sat down with Deacon, who immediately saw the ice bag. "Xi! What happened?" Deacon asked, tracing the bruise. Deacon suddenly felt someone grab hold of one of his arms and dragged him into the kitchen. Lesser looked up at him, "you said the taboo didn't you?" He asked. Xi only nodded. He saw Deacon and Try come back into the room, the dragon obviously being told about what happened. Sitting down, deacon immediately brought Xianos into his lap and said. "If anyone EVER calls you that, or even says that word about you, you tell me, babe." Deacon said in a tone that was serious with a face to match. "Yeah, I promise." Xianos assured the other teen laying against Deacon's muscled chest. "So, what's with you two?" Deacon asked Tyr and Lesser. "Are you two dating?" He continued and he saw a face of disgust on both of their faces. "Ohh, I think im-" Lesser wasn't able to finish as he rushed to the bathroom.

"So you're not-"


"You just-"


"I just-"

"Shut up."

Xianos laughed at the conversation Deacon was losing. "Does she read minds or something?" Deacon asked his boyfriend who continued to laugh. "No. She's just really smart." He replied. Lesser came back to the living room twenty minutes later with a glass of ginger ale in his hand."

"Let's not talk about this, okay?" Lesser asked, sipping the sparkling beverage.

Four hours later, everyone was out cold. Jaroq was on the floor with Osiris on top if him, sleeping in his chest with Jaroq's hands around him. Lesser had already gone home and Tyr to her bedroom. Xianos woke up to the feeling of someone softly shaking him. "Xi, hey." Deacon said softly. "Humbgrmmmhmm..?" Xianos mumbled waking up.n"Hey, why don't we head upstairs? It beats sleeping on the couch." He said. Xianos smiled as he took as stretch and got up, only to be picked up and carried by Deacon's strong arms.