Friday, September 13, 2013

Zeus And The Dragon: Extra

Zeus walked quickly into his apartment, and into his bedroom. Laying on the bed he pulled out the latest issue of "Power Fur" magazine. Normally, Zeus would just see them in the magazine aisle and just look at the cover. This time was different. Power Fur chose Thoran to be the model on the cover for this month's issue.

Thoran posed in only a pair of speedos. Tight yellow ones that showed his perfect ass and hips. He was flexing his chest, and was posing on his knees. The passage next to the photo said " THORAN: Muscle god, Performer, and Boyfriend."'Read page 33 for article' was written in tiny letters at the bottom. The liger skimmed through the twenties and found his boyfriend's article. Zeus began reading the interview.

Interview With Thoran

By David Haynes

D: Thoran, thanks for taking the time to sit and have an interview with Power Fur.
T: Thanks for having me.
D: How long have you been working out?
T: Wow, that's a good question. I've been working out for as long as I can remember. I guess I'd have to say since I was probably around thirteen.
D: How do people react when they see you in public. No complaints that is. 
T: I really don't mind. At first I enjoyed the attention. Then it was just a common thing. I didn't even notice it at time. It was pretty much like breathing, you don't really pay it much mind.
D: Now, rumor has it that you're dating someone. Care to clear the air?
T: Sure. Yes I am, his name is Zeus. Zeus Ralo.

Zeus suddenly stopped, smiling. He continued to read.

T: Sure. Yes I am, his name is Zeus . Zeus Ralo.
D: Oh, tell us about him.
T: Well, for starters he's a liger. He works as a security guard for the club called, "The Drunken Reaper". He's... Well he's a really wonderful guy. He's honest, cute, smart, I can go on and on. 
D: How did you two meet?
T: Actually we met at the bar. Well, technically outside the bar. I asked him for directions for the club I was expected to perform at, which I was an hour late, and I was able to make it there and get the job done, so to say. Haha. Next day, we ran into each other at the gym. And it goes on from there.
D: How long have you two been dating by the way?
T: For about.... Three, no four months now.
D: Sounds like a serious relationship then.
T: It is. 

Zeus was smiling from ear to ear. He went through the photos of the green dragon in the magazine. He had a yellow jockstrap on doing a double bicep. Another was him in a towel soaking wet. He was so into reading that he didn't hear the door open. He jumped when the dragon suddenly glomped him. 

"Miss me, kitty?" Thoran asked kissing Zeus. He saw the magazine article on the bed and grinned. "What was better? The interview or the photo shoot?" He asked. Zeus gave a mock long pause of thinking it over. "Both." He said, making him chuckle.

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