Friday, October 11, 2013

Xianos And Wren: Part Two.

Pulling up into the parking lot of Skygrand Mall, Wren and Xianos were already busy looking at the shops. "Where to first?" The panther asked. "Hmm.. Window shopping?" Xianos said getting a nod of approval.

An hour later, the two ended up with seven bags of clothes, cologne, bathroom necessities and accessories. The two looked at each other and simply laughed. Heading into the music store, Xianos made his way to the first headphone display, listening to what was playing. Liking what he was hearing, he picked up the album of the artist. "What did you choose?" Wren asked coming around the corner. "Kelly Rowland." Xianos replied.

"You hungry?" Wren asked seeing as they were near the food court. "Yeah, actually. What do you have in mind?" Wren looked around seeing one that caught his interest. "Chinese sound good?" Wren asked. The lizard smiled and nodded. "I'll have.. Eh. Surprise me." Xianos said. Wren smiled and kissed his cheek as he walked to the line at the food counter.

Setting the bags down, he sat in one of the chairs. He heard a butch voice call out, "Hey! Cuntboy!" Xianos turned around to see none other than Hector. Hector Primeros, a buffalo that always seemed to enjoy nothing more than annoy the living crap out of the lizard. He was taller than Xianos, and toned. "I thought I told yous not ta come heres no more." He said, southerner accent in his voice. "Look, I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm just here shopping wi-"

"With who? Ya boyfriend? Cuntboy finally found himselfs his own man pussy? Whoda thunk?" He burst out laughing, with his posse doing the same. "So, where's tha small fry at?" Hector asked. "Right here." A voice said behind his back, Hector turned his head only to be thrown to the other side of the food court. "Who da-fuck?" Hector said choking. "Y-Y-Yous aint no small fry!" The buffalo saw Wren look at him in rage. "Ahm outta here!" Hector ran frantically, with his group following him.

Wren grabbed Xianos hand. "You okay?" He asked. "Ye-yeah. I'm not so hungry anymore." Xianos said looking down. "Want to go home?" The panther said softly. Xianos nodded as they left.

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