Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Shot At Love: Part Three.

Xianos rang the doorbell of the Vas' Abaddon residence and the door was opened by Tyr, her small smile shown on her face. "Hey, get in." She said. Xianos did and heard the loud commotion of everyone talking. Walking into the living room, he saw Osiris and Jaroq on the couch. There was Deacon, apparently already invited since he's a friend of Jaroq and Osiris. There was also Tyr's best friend, Lesser. Xi didn't know much about the long haired teen, but he knew enough to know that he was a good guy. He had long raven hair and he was an amazing artist. He and Tyr are more of a brother and sister than her and Osiris.

"Hello, Xianos!" Lesser said happily. "Hey, Lesser. How's it going?" The lizard responded back. "Nothing much, just enjoying company with my friends. What's this about you and a certain dragon?" Lesser said teasingly. The others weren't listening due to video games and music with their talking, Deacon included. "Yup. We're dating." Xi answered, seeing the raven haired teen's face light up. "Wonderful! You will let me do a portrait of you two nude won't you?" He asked making Xianos take a deeper interest in their conversation. "Maybe. Oh, I have to talk to Tyr about something real quick." He said. Lesser nodded and sat back on the couch. He grabbed her arm and actually managed to drag her into the kitchen, unknowing to them that Deacon was watching.

"Tyr!" Xianos shouted after he closed the kitchen door. "Stop yelling. I'm right here." She said flatly. "What?" She asked. "Why did you tell him that? Why oh why did you tell Deacon that not only that I like him but that I have a fucking cunt!" He clarified. Tyr suddenly slapped Xi when she heard the word come from his mouth. Xi, or rather anyone and everyone who said that word in reference to her friend would get slapped. "I mean.. Vagina." He corrected himself.

"Because, Xi he likes you. A lot." Tyr stated simply walking to the freezer to get a bag of ice for the swelling bruise on Xi's face. "And if he truly does care about you, it wouldn't matter to him whether you have a penis or a vagina. Plus, he already knew about it." Tyr explained. "What?" Xi said in shock. "Yes. He saw you in the showers after practice one day when he went to get his football gear for after school practice a few months ago. It didn't bother him." Xianos blushed at the thought of Deacon walking in and seeing him naked without him knowing. "Thanks.. I do appreciate it. Sorry I said the taboo." Xianos said with an apologetic smile. "It's alright." She said as the walked back into the living room.

Tyr sat down next to Lesser who was reading the latest book of his favorite series. Xianos sat down with Deacon, who immediately saw the ice bag. "Xi! What happened?" Deacon asked, tracing the bruise. Deacon suddenly felt someone grab hold of one of his arms and dragged him into the kitchen. Lesser looked up at him, "you said the taboo didn't you?" He asked. Xi only nodded. He saw Deacon and Try come back into the room, the dragon obviously being told about what happened. Sitting down, deacon immediately brought Xianos into his lap and said. "If anyone EVER calls you that, or even says that word about you, you tell me, babe." Deacon said in a tone that was serious with a face to match. "Yeah, I promise." Xianos assured the other teen laying against Deacon's muscled chest. "So, what's with you two?" Deacon asked Tyr and Lesser. "Are you two dating?" He continued and he saw a face of disgust on both of their faces. "Ohh, I think im-" Lesser wasn't able to finish as he rushed to the bathroom.

"So you're not-"


"You just-"


"I just-"

"Shut up."

Xianos laughed at the conversation Deacon was losing. "Does she read minds or something?" Deacon asked his boyfriend who continued to laugh. "No. She's just really smart." He replied. Lesser came back to the living room twenty minutes later with a glass of ginger ale in his hand."

"Let's not talk about this, okay?" Lesser asked, sipping the sparkling beverage.

Four hours later, everyone was out cold. Jaroq was on the floor with Osiris on top if him, sleeping in his chest with Jaroq's hands around him. Lesser had already gone home and Tyr to her bedroom. Xianos woke up to the feeling of someone softly shaking him. "Xi, hey." Deacon said softly. "Humbgrmmmhmm..?" Xianos mumbled waking up.n"Hey, why don't we head upstairs? It beats sleeping on the couch." He said. Xianos smiled as he took as stretch and got up, only to be picked up and carried by Deacon's strong arms.

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