Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monkey And Tiger: Baby

Tyon was at his wits end. Lately, he has been avoided by ME at every turn. When he did find him, it only became small talk. The monkey would come home late, barely saying two words when entering the door and crashing on the bed. It came to the point where the tiger began to wonder if his boyfriend was cheating on him.

The thought irked him. Once again, ME had to stay late not sparing a moment to speak with the other man. Yes, Tyon was indeed at his wits end. He opened the door to the house, slamming it loudly behind him. He stopped when he noticed the red light on the phone home was red, obviously there was a voicemail.

"Youve reached ME and Tyon. We're sorry were not available to answer your call, but leave a message and we'll get back to you." The machine played with it saying, "Would you like to check your messages? Please press the-" Tyon already pressed the pound key to comply. His eyes widened when he heard the machine say, "You have 32 new messages:"

"Monkey, its Duncan. Listen I have some important things that need your attention ASAP. Call me as soon as you get this message, its real real important."

"Mr. Emperor, this is Liam calling from Breden Law Firm and Attorney of Law. We need you to revise your documents on the new park installments. It cant be done with out your presence and cooperation."

"Monkey, this is the fourth time youve delayed the press conference meeting and we cant afford to push back the date any more. Call back immediately."

"Mr. Emperor, we are calling to inform you of the budget cut for you and members of the Jungle Dream Park. Please return our call as soon as you can."

"Monkey, its Duncan. We need to go over the establishment of the park member rules. Given the tension between Bobby and Mino, I advise we do it sooner rather than later."

Tyon wrote down the rest of the messages and read them over. Then it hit him. "No wonder.. Fuck, this could kill him!" Tyon said. He knew ME had a responsibility with running JDP, but the man needs a vacation.

Tyon took a minute before dialing Monkey's cell phone number and was suprised to hear it be answered. "Hello?" The voice asked. Tyon heard exhaustion and tiredness in his voice. "Hey, babe. I need you to come home. Its important." The tiger said before a yawn was heard. "I can't I have a mee-"

"Don't put me in a corner, ME. Come home. Please?" Tyon asked sincerely, thinking that if the man pushed himself any further it would take a toll on him. "Yeah. Okay. Bye." ME said weakily slowly hanging up.

Twenty minutes later, Monkey walked into the front door and was instantly greeted by his boyfriend with a kiss. Tyon took a closer look at his face and was appalled.  He couldn't believe he hadnt already noticed this. ME had dark bags under his eyes and they were barely able to stay open. "Come on. Time for bed. No, time for a vacation. You need it." Tyon stated as he gently squeezed the other man's hand.

The two made their way to the bedroom and ME had already fallen fast asleep. Tyon heard Monkey's cell phone ring, and the tiger answered it for him. "Hello?" He asked to the other line. "Oh, hey Tyon. Its Duncan, can I speak-"

"No. He wont be recieving any calls for a while. Hes on vacation, and be sure to tell everyone else that. Goodbye." Tyon then turned off the cell phone after hanging up and crawled into bed with his sleeping boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around him and soon drifted to sleep.

"Nobody puts baby in a corner.
Im only trying to warn you.
Because that baby gets mad and gets to throwing a tantrum.
It'll fucking flip on you."

Chorus of Baby by Eminem.

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